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Attention Veterans:
Stop feeling lost and alone.
Don't just survive; re-civilianize and thrive!

If you are a military veteran, you already know that returning to civilian life can be a bit of a shock. And if you are active duty, approaching your separation date, you may be hearing horror stories that make you want to think twice about the idea of entering the civilian world at all.

The smart veteran learns from those who have come before and been successful - skills and knowledge that frankly, most never discover. This is your opportunity to do just that.



You're a winner by nature, and you believe in the American Dream you've spent years defending. You don't just want to survive the transition to civilian life; you want to re-civilianize and succeed.


What is "Re-civilianizing"?

Back on your first day of Basic Training, you began a six to seven week process designed to turn you from a raw recruit into a military professional. You learned a value system, a
way of looking at the world, and a set of rules to live by. You were then accepted as part of a team, with expectations as well as rewards that were fairly predictable.

But once you decided to re-enter the civilian world, you had to face a rather unnerving reality; your nonmilitary peers have been practicing how to be civilians for the entire time
you've been gone. Re-civilianizing is about more than just getting a job. In order to be truly and powerfully successful, we need to catch up on the mental side of our life education.


To many military professionals, the “real world” seems like a chaotic mess; utterly devoid of order, discipline, or teamwork, and seemingly run by a completely different set of values and rules. It’s easy to feel lost and adrift - an army of one, a lonely lifeboat in an ocean of confusion.

Plus, it's easy to fall behind these days, when technology is
changing at lightning speeds. And often, by the time a veteran realizes just how much the game has changed, their income and family security can be in real jeopardy. This can lead to a painful cycle: financial instability, unemployment, depression, desperation, and feelings of failure.


However, you are about to receive two pieces of very good news:

1) You are not defective. The military taught you to "adapt, improvise, and overcome" any obstacle or impediment. You can win at any game, once you know the rules. Your biggest challenge up to this point has been simply not realizing that the civilian game has its own rules - rules that you can easily learn once you're aware of their existence.

2) You are not alone. In fact, you're actually part of an even bigger team now - the "Veteran" team. It includes members from all the service branches and conflicts, not just the ones you served in. And best of all, no matter your race, religion, or gender, your membership in this awesome fraternity is good for life.

What's needed, however - what's been needed for a very long time - is a form of Basic Training, a Boot Camp, that will provide you with the tools, intel, and guide map for surviving and thriving as a civilian.

Now, finally, there is one. This is your invitation to attend Civilian Boot Camp™ - created by veterans, for veterans. And it's definitely not the same old stuff you've been used falling asleep listening to in the briefing rooms.

Becoming a successful civilian doesn't come naturally, just like becoming a successful military professional didn't come naturally. It's something you have to learn. The rules are different, and your high school classmates have had years to practice. They think they're ahead of you, because their dominant picture of veterans is one of misfits who simply
can't handle "the real world".

Understand, it's not the military's job to re-civilianize veterans. That's not what we pay them for: and even if they wanted to, they simply don't have the know-how, or the budget to do so. The TAP (Transition Assistance Program) is designed to give you a little help getting your first job, but after that you're on your own. And let's face it, can we really expect the same system that built your military mind over a seven week period, to then turn around and rebuild your civilian mind with a week of classes? That's just not logical.

Civilians may have the best of intentions, but they have no way of knowing what the service member has actually accomplished, or who exactly you've become as a result of the Basic Training experience - which is actually the root of your re-adjustment difficulties.

In reality, the only people who can truly help veterans effectively make the full transition to a civilian lifestyle are veterans who have successfully done it themselves.


young soldier


We are veterans.
We understand; we've been there.
And we know the way home.




Sailor salutingThrough a special arrangement with a national career coaching firm, the We Hire Heroes™ team has created a uniquely powerful program that will provide 100 transitioning veterans with a high level re-employment and civilian life skills training program this year as a test group.

This is a no-nonsense, intensive eight week, home study system in video and teleconferencing format. There is no travel involved.

This course goes far beyond any Transitional Assistance Program training currently available. It is, quite literally, a virtual "Basic Training" for military personnel (and their spouses) who are returning to civilian life.


NOTE: This is not about reversing or replacing the military mindset you were given in basic training. It's about augmenting it with an advanced "civilian knowledge base" that gives you the power to speak both languages fluently, and be massively more effective in your dealings with family, friends, and the business world.


Here's your Course List:

  • Becoming a truly re-civilianized veteran, not just an ex-military individual in street clothes
  • Uncovering your REAL core life desires
  • Formulating effective life strategies, goals, and a long term career plan
  • The 7 areas of life that MUST be in balance in order to experience a state of "happiness"
  • How to use a job board effectively
  • The 7 Deadly Life Traps, and how to avoid falling into them
  • Personality, interest, and skills assessment
  • Identifying transferable skillsets
  • Industry research and analysis
  • Setting the foundation for a powerful re-entry into the civilian workforce
  • Writing a resume that gets seen, read, and selected for interview
  • Handling employment gaps and other perceived problems on your resume
  • Developing unconventional 'Hidden Market' job search skills
  • Mining job openings with LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Neutralizing the power of bad memories
  • Switching your brain from depression and fear, to success "power mode" in 30 seconds or less
  • Exploring the next level: the contractor and entrepreneurial options


  • Accessing unknown vocational, educational, and medical services through the VA and other sources
  • Guerrilla interviewing techniques and tactics
  • Financial awareness workshops


Our goal is to not only catch you up with your civilian peers who've been learning to navigate society while you were away, but to get you started developing skills that will actually put you ahead of the game. The mental strength and flexibility you've developed in the military will now enable you to put this knowledge to use in your life - fast.

In other words, you'll be able to surpass your civilian peers because you'll be able to sidestep many of the traps they've fallen into, recover much faster from any missteps you do make, and use your military mindset when necessary to out think, outperform, and outlast your competition.

You are to be commended for setting pride aside and taking this step. We are real veterans with decades of re-civilianizing experience behind us. Work with us for a month, and you will save many years of painful trial and error.

OK, sounds good. What's the price?

Exciting stuff, huh? The next class is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017. If you're ready, fill in the short form below to apply. Generous companies and individuals are providing scholarships that will allow you to access this $1997 training course for only $497. In other words, you can afford this life-changing asset regardless of your current finances.

The first group of 100 veteran students will be our "proof of concept". Our success rate will allow us to attract further investment and Veteran Affairs approval to expand the program and help many more veterans successfully re-civilianize in the coming years.

We're enrolling our second class of ambitious students now. Classes are scheduled to begin on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017.

*Update: Our first five students (one with a PhD, one with a double Master's degree, one with a Bachelor's degree, and two working on their Associate's degree) have begun the Civilian Boot Camp course. Stay tuned here for progress reports!


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As a military professional, you know there's a time to talk about doing things, and there's a time to get things done.

Your time is now. Make your move; start by sending us the form below.

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